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First Time In Color is a Alternative Indie Rock band based out of Austin, TX. The band was founded by Ricardo Landa (guitarist/back vocals) and Isauro “EZ” Maldonado (lead vocals/bassist) who met in the fall of 2015 at a Texas bus stop while attending the Music Management Program at the Austin Community College. The two spoke briefly about their taste in music and their influences that day and then went their separate ways. As fate would have it, their paths continued to cross and they eventually felt compelled to start writing music and put their music talents together.

The first song they brought to life was surprisingly the fastest one they would write. At that time, EZ had gotten word from the girl he was talking to that she had been out the night before with another guy messing around in the back seat of his car. In combination of the events that occurred, and a catchy riff Ricardo had written, the two would come up with the song we all know and love as “Gypsy Eyes”.

The duo had gone through member after member when they finally came across Alex La Fuente, former drummer of Austin alternative rock band “The Phoenix Lights”. The trio shared many of the same music influences, and their styles complimented each other perfectly. They formed a quick chemistry and knew that this would take the band to the next level.

First Time In Color has rocked the house at Hotel Vegas, Red Shed Tavern, Lucky Lounge, The Sidewinder and many other venues throughout Austin, Texas. They have also played with great bands such as A Tigerlily, Kraken Quartet, and Malion. They are slowly but surely making their mark on the Austin music scene.

First Time In Color brings energy and hype to their shows by making the crowd feel a part of the adventure. Their live shows represent a way of connecting with people and forming a bond with the crowd that is authentic and hard to find. Whoever experiences this band live will walk away knowing they just witnessed something special.

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